Monetize your app smarter

Less hassle and more ad revenue for your mobile app

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Leverage App Revenue

  • Earns more than network monetization alone.
  • Combine the power of AdMob with app mediation to massively scale their app revenue.
  • Build a strong revenue stream, by testing to find the best performing ad formats and network partners.
  • Get the highest bid with 30+ major networks via adapters.

45% increase in ad revenue. True story

I couldn’t be happier with MonetizeMore’s Mobile App Division! When I came to them, I was getting swamped with ad serving issues and lining up different monetization tests. They have years of in-depth experience with Google Ad Manager and their team took over the ad mediation process for our mobile inventory here at PlantSnap. They consistently deliver against our ad revenue goals and have increased our revenue by 45% over the past 11 months. With a partner like MonetizeMore, I can focus on growing our audience and know my ad inventory is in good hands.

Eric Ralls

CEO/Founder of PlantSnap,

Maximize your ad revenue

without disrupting the user experience

Trusted by leading app publishers, MonetizeMore is committed to building scalable monetization strategies without sacrificing user experience & retention. Plus, we would help you to take advantage of Google AdMob, set up In-App Yield Groups, bring in more programmatic demand, and conduct testing to find high-performing ad units.


Simply ad inventory management

  • Test the performance of different ad units and see how they increase your ad revenue.
  • Get updated inventory constantly.
  • Gain extensive reach using expanded ad networks.
  • Get comprehensive reporting & real-time optimization.
  • Integrate to DoubleClick for Publishers, AdMob, and Ad Exchange.

Increase ads quality

  • Isolate and remove ad variants that underperform. This would decrease the load time and allow you to focus on targeting the highest-performing ad units in real-time.
  • Integrates the most important ad networks for optimal distribution of your ads.
  • Avoid serving slow and irrelevant ads.
  • MonetizeMore is a full-service App Ad Management platform. We help to significantly improve your fill rates, yield strategy, testing velocity, and more.

Serve innovative ad formats

  • Get Approved for AdMob, Programmatic Demand from leading DSPs.
  • Earn more revenue by integrating innovative ad formats video, native, interstitial, banner, and rewarded ads seamlessly into your app.

Save time & cost

  • We make your daily routine easier by handling all the optimization tasks to make sure your app continues to earn day in & day out.
  • With our dedicated ad ops team, you get decades of experience managing demand partners, testing new ad units, and managing Google/advertiser policy.
  • Sit back, relax and put your focus on growing your app’s user base, we’ll take care of the revenue side of things.