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Bid Scaling

One of the biggest problems with selling programmatic inventory is revenue discrepancy. For many publishers there is a painful gap between your GAM revenue and the actual amount an advertiser pays you. With PubGuru® you can monitor and adjust advertising partners based on their net revenue. Which keeps your auctions honest and advertisers paying you the right amount for your inventory.


Customized Setup

Setting up a header bidding implementation properly is a time-consuming process and can significantly impact revenue if done incorrectly. Our Premium Publisher team partners with you to ensure your Ad Maps are configured correctly and industry best practices are used for bid scaling, placement ID generation and bidder timeouts.


Bidder Variation Testing

One of the main issues that Ad Ops teams have with Header Bidding is not being able to automate their testing. There are so many factors to consider including the amount of adapters, timeout length, ad unit types, etc. It's difficult to analyze and setup new tests in an automated way, which delays your team's output and limits the ad revenue gains you can achieve.


PubGuru® Ad Inspector

Troubleshooting your header bidding setup is an essential piece of the ad ops workflow. Unfortunately, with the current tools available it becomes technical very quickly and you have to wait for your development team to diagnose even the smallest issues. That's why we built this powerful Chrome Extension to help you diagnose and fix ad issues directly in the browser, reducing the amount of burden on your dev teams and giving you more control of your ad setup.

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