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Revenue by UTM

Our Revenue Attribution report helps you breakdown the performance of your content campaigns by pulling together your impressions, revenue, and Session RPM data by UTM parameter so you can see which campaigns are delivering the most value for your site.


Pageview and Session RPM

Our UTM Reporting dashboard helps you go further in your content campaign analysis by giving you Pageview and Session RPM data by UTM. This is especially important for publishers that need multiple pageviews to get into the black with their media buying campaigns.


Coverage Testing

Revenue attribution reporting is critical to the success of your traffic arbitrage site especially with you spending thousands of dollars per day you need to have your revenue information at your fingertips. The PubGuru® team has round-the-clock coverage testing to make sure our UTM revenue reports are giving you the most accurate information.

Over the time we’ve been together, MonetizeMore have proven themselves to be a solid, reliable partner whom we’ve been able to count on to take our ad revenue to next level. They have championed our ad real estate to get the most out of it, increasing our earnings by up to 65%.”
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CEO of Lifehack

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