You don’t want to lose your ad revenue

Or even worse, Google may disable your AdSense account if your website serve ads to invalid traffic sources like bots or malware. Then it will be a hectic to appeal. Try Traffic Cop today and protect your ad account!

Reduce Revenue Clawbacks

Ad networks will not pay for clicks from invalid traffic. The more invalid traffic your website gets, the more revenue deduction potentially happens.

Prevent AdSense Bans

Google AdSense strictly bans publishers who serve ads to invalid traffic. Once banned, it’s nearly impossible to get your ad account back.

Access to Premium Ad Networks

By protecting your ad inventory from ad fraud, it will be easier for your ad account to meet the high-quality standards of premium ad networks.

How it works

Traffic is scanned & scored

Traffic Cop assigns risk-level scoring to your website’s pageviews.

If the traffic is safe, ads are served

Or if the traffic is not safe, your ads will not be served..

All data is updated in the report in real-time

The data is available as graph and table formats.


Websites Protected


Invalid Pageviews Blocked


Pageviews Analyzed

What our customers say

“Excellent short-term results and great future expectations…”

It brought us peace of mind, as we received excellent feedback from Google after, and they also implemented an advanced setup to improve site earnings, with excellent short-term results and great future expectations.

Ricardo Barth Owner & Founder of



Sophisticated Invalid Traffic Detection

Improved detection for fraudulent clicks, users, and transactions. Enhance your scoring with access to data feeds of verified fraudsters, abusive users, & cybercriminals.

Device Finger-Printing

Track users with unique device IDs to prevent duplicate accounts and abuse. We use 100+ finger-printing techniques executed via machine learning to determine the probability a user is a bot.

Smart Notifications

Receive email and account-based alerts for transactions and behavior based on fraud scores, averages, variables, and more.

Dark Data

Traffic Cop’s most exclusive data sets obtained from the dark web including personal user data and stolen credit cards. This data set also includes compromised IPs infected by dark web botnets.

Emerging Botnet

Identify malicious botnets and the most sophisticated fraud online. Detect residential botnets and personal connections allowing IP address tunneling for bad actors.


Custom Rules

Amount of custom behavior rules such as personal whitelist and blacklist entries available for your account. Create custom rules to prevent repeat offenders and other problematic users.


Allows good bots, such as those belonging to search engines, to keep reaching your site while preventing malicious traffic.

Premium Black List

Increase your detection for fraudulent users with greater accuracy thanks to our Premium Blacklists & Filters, only available for select plans.

Enhanced Black List

Exclusive and private blacklists only available to Enterprise plans. Increase detection rates for advanced botnets and private VPN services in use by bad actors.


99.97% Uptime SLA

A load-balanced server architecture reliably supports high-volume traffic and uptime.

Enterprise Support

Fast replies from our Support Team - 7 days per week.

Dedicated Ad Op Teams

Our Ad Optimization Experts will help to deploy Traffic Cop onto your website in minutes with best practices.

Data Retention

7-day, 30-day

Choose Your Plan

All plans include all features of Listed above

$99 /month
For < 1M Pageviews/month
$249 /month
For 1M-5M Pageviews/month
For > 5M Pageviews/month


Can I upgrade/downgrade plans?

There’s no need to upgrade or downgrade your plan manually since you will be charged based on the monthly volume of pageviews handled by Traffic Cop. Your plan shall be adjusted automatically to fit your need.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel whenever you want. Also, you are still able to use Traffic Cop’s features and data until the end of your billing cycle. Please note that refunds are not provided.

Will Traffic Cop block bots from Google and affect my site ranking?

Not at all. We just simply block the invalid traffic from seeing your ad inventory to prevent invalid clicks from happening. Furthermore, we keep our list of search engine crawler IPs updated to make sure not ot interfere with their busineses.