Bring all of your ad revenue sources together with our intuitive reporting dashboard that helps you monitor and diagnose ad revenue issues from your many different demand sources.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Over the time we’ve been together, MonetizeMore have proven themselves to be a solid, reliable partner whom we’ve been able to count on to take our ad revenue to next level. They have championed our ad real estate to get the most out of it, increasing our earnings by up to 65%.”
Page RPM Increase 65% – World Traffic Rank 7,479

Leon Ho

CEO of Lifehack


See how PubGuru® solves your publisher revenue reporting
issues with our self-serve dashboard solution.

Unified Reporting

We help you understand your daily revenue performance and how your demand partners are contributing to your overall revenue. With our intuitive dashboard you can easily drill down and compare demand partner stats against your Google Ad Manager metrics to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Revenue Attribution

We understand the modern content distribution needs of publishers. With our revenue attribution software we can map your audience development campaigns by UTM and measure the value of that user session to help you understand which campaigns are profitable.

Smart Notifications

Keeping your ad stack performing at it’s best is a 24/7 job. There’s so many integration issues you can run into and it can be overwhelming. We built a real-time notification system and Chrome Extension that will analyze your ad stack, help you troubleshoot & make recommendations for what to test next.

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